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Stadium Vans Sneakers
In 1966, the Van Doren Rubber Company opened up for business in Anaheim, CA. Soon, Vans’ simple canvas shoes became a staple at the beach and throughout Southern California. Not long after, SoCal youngsters found that Vans’ sticky gum rubber sole and sturdy construction made the shoes perfect for skateboarding.
Originally tabbed as Style #44, the Authentic has been a staple since our inception in ’66. Vans’ very first style caught the eye of Orange County surfers and skaters who liked the durability that Vans offered

Classic Slip-On
Our iconic sneaker has been the standard for slip-ons since its 1979 inception. Skaters and then BMX riders adopted Vans Classic Slip-On as their shoe of choice shortly after and the famous black & white checkerboard has been synonymous with Vans ever since.

Introduced in '78, The Sk8-Hi or Style #38, lace up added an ankle high padded collar for extra protection to skaters. It was just the second shoe, after the Old Skool, to feature the sidestripe.

“As we continue to pay homage to our heritage, it’s important to call out our iconic core styles that are the basis of the Vans Classics known today.”
The Style #95 was the original skate shoe and was designed with help from Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta. Originating in 1976, the Era updated the #44 by adding a padded collar and sturdier construction to withstand the beating associated with skateboarding.

Old Skool
Style #36, now known as the Old Skool, was the first Vans shoe with our now iconic sidestripe and has been a staple since '78. The insignia was first known as the “Jazz Stripe.”